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Kay Oh

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[18 Oct 2010|03:24pm]
Friends are great.

Lately for my friends' birthdays, I have been trying to capture their interests, despite my lack of knowledge about said interests. This is called being a good friend. For example, my friend Brian loves Star Trek. I myself don't know anything about this "Star Trek" but do I let that deter me? No.

I did this for another friend as well.Collapse )
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[11 Oct 2010|08:53pm]

Lately, I've been stressed out over applications and haven't been able to sleep well. This weekend, my internet was down, so I decided to take a break and illustrate a dream I had that I found rather soothing. It's based on the webcomic MS Paint Adventures, which has a very intricate and involved plot so this will probably be confusing if you haven't read any of it.

It is sort of long.Collapse )
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